Dark Void Ancient Village Assets

Posted in Gallery, Professional on February 22nd, 2010 by Kirk Gillard

This is a set of assets I built for the ancient village sections of Dark Void.

All work is displayed in the Unreal 3 Editorunreal3

village Baskets

-Basket 1 uses 256 diffuse, normal, and a 128 specular map.

-Basket 2 uses 512 diffuse, normal, and a 512 specular/normal tile mask, and a 64×64  detail normal map.

-Basket 3 uses 256 diffuse map, diffuse map, and a 128 specular map

basket 1 diffusebasket_01_diffusebasket 02 normalbasket_01_specbasket 3 diffusebench_beauty

-The stone bench uses a 256 diffuse, normal map, specular map, and a 64×64 detail normal tile.

-The wood bench use 512 diffuse, normal, and a 256 specular map.

stone bench diffusewood bench diffusebaskets wireframebenches wireframe

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Victory Garage

Posted in Gallery, Personal on August 27th, 2009 by Kirk Gillard

This is a portion of an American WWII maintenance garage. The walls, ground, and support beams use 512 tiles (diffuse, bump, specularity), while the hanging light fixture uses 256 maps (diffuse, incandescence, specularity.)


This is a set of props for my “Victory Garage” environment. Only the diffuse/color maps are pictured. The toolchest, lathe, and workbench use 512 attribute maps (color, bump, specular) and is comprised of 3186, 2608, and 118 tris

The shelves, and boxes use a set of 256 texture attribute maps (color, bump, alpha, spec) and are comprised of 328, and 268 tris. The worklight uses a set of 128 texture attribute maps (color, incandescence, spec) and is comprised of 846 tris.

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