3D Game Artist

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An experienced 3D game artist familiar with AAA asset creation pipeline who enjoys challenging and collaborative work environments. Enjoys working with other passionate game designers, artists and developers to create convincing and imaginative CG assets for use in current generation video games. Can work independently and within team structure drawing on excellent oral and written communication skills to achieve project success.

Work Experience

2008 – 2009: Airtight Games (Capcom’s Dark Void)

Environment Artist

  • Modeled high and low polygon props and environment assets to adhere with predetermined polygon budgets along with accompanying LODs, and collision meshes.
  • Created textures for assets requiring multiple, efficient UV layouts that met different in-game functions and resolution requirements.
  • Built multi-pass shader and material creation to meet strict project design guidelines and game style.
  • Collaborated with level designers to create layout approximations that enhanced gameplay by providing innovative 3-D spaces and experiences.
  • Provided extensive research for the creation of historically accurate and functional cover objects for use in game.


2006 – 2007: Brainiac Studios (DreamScape Siege MMORG)

Sr. Modeler & Texture artist

  • Modeled low polygon characters and environment assets based on concept art with limited budgets.
  • Produced hand-painted diffuse and bump maps to meet resolution requirements and medieval fantasy art style.
  • Directed, filmed, and edited two television commercials targeted towards gamers aired during Late Night with David Letterman.
  • Created additional advertising materials to advertise local musicians.

Software Skills

  • Maya, Mudbox, Unreal3 Editor              
  • Adobe Photoshop                    
  • After Effects                            
  • Premiere Pro                            
  • Dreamweaver, WordPress    
  • MS Word/Excel, Perforce


Class of 2005 Savannah College of Art and Design

B.F.A. in Computer Art – Emphasis on game asset development


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