Dark Void Ancient Village Assets

Posted in Gallery, Professional on February 22nd, 2010 by Kirk Gillard

This is a set of assets I built for the ancient village sections of Dark Void.

All work is displayed in the Unreal 3 Editorunreal3

village Baskets

-Basket 1 uses 256 diffuse, normal, and a 128 specular map.

-Basket 2 uses 512 diffuse, normal, and a 512 specular/normal tile mask, and a 64×64  detail normal map.

-Basket 3 uses 256 diffuse map, diffuse map, and a 128 specular map

basket 1 diffusebasket_01_diffusebasket 02 normalbasket_01_specbasket 3 diffusebench_beauty

-The stone bench uses a 256 diffuse, normal map, specular map, and a 64×64 detail normal tile.

-The wood bench use 512 diffuse, normal, and a 256 specular map.

stone bench diffusewood bench diffusebaskets wireframebenches wireframe

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