Propane Field Generator

Posted in Gallery, Personal on January 7th, 2010 by Kirk Gillard

This is a prop I created as part of an art test, it is comprised of 3302 polygons (triangulated)

Propane Field GeneratorPropane Field Generator

The generator uses a 1024 Normal map, 768 diffuse specular, alpha and emissive maps. The Decals use a 384 diffuse/alpha map.diffuse_generatornormal_generatorspec_generatordiffuse_decalsgenerator_reargenerator_wireframe

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USS Cyclops assets

Posted in Gallery, Professional on September 30th, 2009 by Kirk Gillard

This is part of a set of props for the deck of a 1910’s cargo ship.

All work is shown in the Unreal 3 Editorunreal3

Vent screenshot

The vent uses 512×512 diffuse, normal, and specular texture attribute maps.

tx_vent_diffusetx_vent_normaltx_vent_specVent LODsvent_wireframe

This is a hatch I designed to function as a ledge during  the vertical cover gameplay sections of the USS Cyclops section of Dark Void.hatch breakdown

Textures 1024 diffuse, normal maps, and 1 512 specular map

Hatch diffuseHatch normaltx_hatch_spechatch_wireframe

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